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What is the WORK Formula?

When you hit a brick wall – the only choice is to BREAK THROUGH it! That takes work! That’s where I come in to help you every step of the way in love, life and business! This is your one stop shop for #Breakthrough Success!

I help you stay proactive so you don’t hit brick walls. For those who have already hit one – we will knock it down with laser sharp strategies that permanently remove the brick walls of life!

Let’s WORK together to make your dreams a reality in every area of your life!

Yes, I said, “Work, work, work, work, WORK“!

W – Figure out What you want and what you don’t want in love, life, and/or business.

O – Get Organized and prioritize your priorities in love, life, and business.

R – Press the Reset button to achieve Breakthrough Success.

KKeep the faith and Keep going with strategies that yield consistent results.

No gimmicks. Only business strategies plus love and life hacks you can rely on. We help you reset and thrive with efficiency and‪ #‎BreakthroughSuccess‬ !

Are you ready to create, build or expand your empire?

Do you need proven strategies to break free from toxic relationships?

Tired of spinning wheels and ready for marketing, and media creative content and proven strategies that bring results?

Are you starting over in life or in your career and need direction and/or support to navigate through life’s challenges?

Do you have a book that needs more exposure or do you need an editor or strategies to get your book completed and in the marketplace?

It’s time to go to WORK – clock into your own life so you can #IGNITEyourLife!

Your business/career matters. Your relationships matter. YOU matter. Period.

IGNITEyourLife here at

That’s right! ‪#‎UnleashYourInnerGenius‬ with your ‪#‎BreakthroughSuccess‬ Session at today!


Top Five Ways to Get in the Spotlight and Stay There!

There are so many entrepreneurs and businesses around the world who want to expand their reach and increase their visibility on a global scale. Thanks to technology, long gone are the days where that was just a mere dream that takes a half century to achieve.

The concept of growing global is within your fingertips – literally, right now. Today, we will discuss five key principles to help get you in the spotlight and stay there!

  1. Make your presence known on social media everyday. Be consistent with your creative content that is based on helping not selling. Be authentic and the rest will follow.
  2. Network outside of your comfort zone and social circle. Attend business conferences across your country and abroad. The possibilities are endless with the partnerships that are just waiting for you!
  3. Build a reputation of excellence and credibility. This takes time, as I have been in the business, media and marketing industries for over twenty years.  However, over a consistent period of time, you will #IGNITEyourLife in business and your areas of expertise to the point where you become the expert in your respective fields.
  4. Remember iron sharpens iron. In that same vein, stay a life-long learner. This helps you to always “sharpen the saw”. Surround yourself with the best of the best. As the old saying goes, “If you are the smartest one in your circle, you need to get a new circle.”
  5. Show up in everything you do! I am so honored that those who know me and even those who don’t know me personally but know of my work always mention that if I had anything to do with it, they know it is excellent. The work of my hands are blessed because of the grace of God and because I put in serious work to go with my faith. Always, always, ALWAYS put your very best foot forward no matter how small the task and the culmination of those steps will leave a lasting impression and legacy that not only precedes you but remains in perpetuity.


I share these sparks of wisdom with you today to help you #IGNITEyourLife because I am honored to be one of only 16 people selected to represent Nikki Woods Media as a #NWMAmbassador.  What does that mean for you? You will gain access through me as an Nikki Woods Media Ambassador to exclusive events and powerful information that will continue to help you #IGNITEyourLife in business, media, public relations, and more!

Nikki Woods, a former guest on the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network and I are both OWN Ambassadors who know the value of partnership and support! Just as she supports my brand, I proudly stand behind hers while helping you #IGNITEyourLife!

As authentic multi-media professionals determined to empower the masses in excellence, Nikki and I invite you to join us at her upcoming #Spotlight2016 event taking place on March 19, 2016! Click here or click the graphic below to register today!


How to #RevolutionizeYourResolutions in under 90 days!

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The mortal enemy of efficiency is redundancy. Every year millions of people set resolutions and get little to no results and then try to do the same thing every new year until they are in autopilot regarding their goals, dreams, and quarterly ambitions. Today, here at the #IGNITEyourLife Breakthrough Institute, we are taking time out to discuss top ways to #RevolutionizeYourResolutions everyday –specifically in less than 90 days!

  • At a minimum of one quarter prior to the new year start working on the things you want to improve.
  • If you are actually at “day one” of the new year, practice consistent changes in each area you want to improve for 28 days straight, use the next 28 days to increase the goal levels for each area with additional action steps, then use the last 28 days to evaluate results and make adjustments to your actions accordingly.
  • Find an accountability partner or coach to help you sort through and map out your blueprint to your #BreakthroughSuccesss.

Wait. What?  No quick fixes or get rich quick 6, 7, 8 or 10-figure advice? Nope. You won’t find that here. We have work to do together and when you are ready to dig in and get down to the most inner parts of your your life you need help in the most– we are here with the support you need and more.

It’s time for you to #WorkYourselfToWellness! You’re only as sick as the secrets you keep. It’s time to remove the behind the scenes dis-ease of not living the life you deserve and choose to instead live consistently with peace and ease. It’s time to take yourself out of the personal prison of your mind to achieve financial freedom, freedom in love and life with #BreakthroughSuccess.

The key is being honest enough with yourself everyday  to make the consistent life changes now that will convert to long-term results. This is the only way we can help you #IGNITEyourLife, #UnleashYourInnerGenius, and #RevolutionizeYourResolutions.

The question is are you ready? Learn more about our signature coaching programs and more!! For an #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Breakthrough Success Session (one-on-one) click here.


Our #UnleashYourInnerGenius Series is Here!

New to the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker™ Network is our #UnleashYourInnerGenius™ Series happening every Saturday at 9pm EST on! We are so excited to release this exclusive broadcast on #Blab! Part One discusses how to find balance in love, life and business with FOUR live #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Breakthrough Success Sessions!

Be sure to join our Join our #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker™ Facebook Group for updates and live posts during each broadcast! See you soon!! We will post many sessions here at the #IGNITEyourLife Breakthrough Institute so keep checking for more exclusive #BlazingAmazing content!!

The Change You Seek Begins with You and Our Experts!


Change is often times a very uncomfortable but necessary part of life. We know when it’s time for a change. We feel it in our spirit. Sometimes we even fight it only to ultimately surrender to the call. Today is different. It’s a brand new day! Now is the time you decide you are ready for your breakthrough.  The difference is that you don’t have to breakthrough alone. You have yours truly, Toy Parker, and my elite team of experts in various key areas of love, life and business to help you #IGNITEyourLife and breakthrough so you can live the #EPICLIFENOW you deserve today!

Whether you are starting over, transitioning into full-time entrepreneurship, or a seasoned professional ready to up level your business skills/build your own business empire, we are here for you and there are resources here at the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Breakthrough Institute that are accessible around the clock.

The change you seek (after you seek God for His infinite wisdom) starts with you, myself, and my experts today–as His extraordinary gifts to the world — vessels of excellence to help you consistently manifest the success you desire. After you look at the man/woman in the mirror and decide to make that change for the better, stay connected with us so we can help you breakthrough and #IGNITEyourLife in love, life, and business everyday!

Bonus opportunity: If you want a more immediate personal experience, click here to schedule your #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Breakthrough Success Session and take your first step to get started right now!

The #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network Keeps You Connected

There’s nothing like the feeling that no matter what is happening in life, there’s a connection that will never fade because the power never goes out. It doesn’t just happen in the movies or in the fairy tales and cartoons. It happens in real life here at the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Breakthrough Institute. We share our relationship with the best and brightest experts in love, life and business with those who stay connected to us because we believe that it is possible to live the life of your dreams right now. Now is the time for you to BREAKTHROUGH!

Just as an entrepreneur’s light is never off, we provide 24-hours of powerful support through our how-to and breakthrough empowerment articles, course offerings PLUS access to our network of #BlazingAmazing experts who have experienced their own breakthroughs in love, life and business and are on a mission to change the world just like we are here at the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Breakthrough Institute — one spark at a time!

From live chat opportunities, authentic social media engagement, #BlazingAmazing radio broadcasts and TV webcasts and more as the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network and the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Breakthrough Institute grows — there are no excuses to keep you from taking the time to #IGNITEyourLife so you can live the #EPICLIFENOW you deserve today!

#IGNITE = Inspiring Growth Now With Intensity and Transparent Energy

Join our list for monthly #BlazingAmazing BREAKTHROUGH materials!

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Our #IGNITEyourLife Breakthrough Bookstore is for those who are ready for Long-Lasting Success!


You will definitely find the secret sauce to a lot of things in our #IGNITEyourLife Breakthrough Bookstore, but you will not find any band-aids or quick fixes here! We promote empowerment and long-lasting success here at the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Breakthrough Institute. Stop by anytime to purchase books to help you stay consistently empowered in love, life, and business!

Course and Program Descriptions

rapid results intensive mastermind series cover with pic of Toy
Rapid Results Intensive Mastermind Series 
This is a powerful monthly group coaching series filled with assignments and laser sharp strategies for real life situations in love, life and business that bring #RapidResults!

I say YES to #RapidResuls

Marketing Intelligence in a Social World
(Marketing Strategy Coaching Program)
This monthly program will give an in-depth look at how to effectively use social media while applying principles of marketing intelligence to achieve success in business.


Money Blueprint Momentum 

(Personal and Business Finance Coaching Program)  

This monthly course teaches students how to identify and to uplevel their original money blueprint. It also  effectively improves business efficiency,  while maximizing bottom line results.

The New 3 Cs  Diamond Breakthrough Accountability Program
We candidly deal with (Clarity, Consistency, Completion) and how to apply “These New 3Cs” to love, life and business for long lasting success!

Hold Me Accountable!

 ignite your life with toy parker superpowers pic
#ProgressOverPerfection Coaching Series
An in-depth intensive course on the various types of procrastination and perfectionism with proven strategies and homework assignments to overcome and breakthrough in these critical areas that stifle success in love, life, and business.

I’m Ready to Break Cycles

#IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker
Diamond Business Model of Success
(Business Coaching Program)
A monthly course specifically designed for start up businesses and for seasoned professionals who want to improve the overall quality of their business infrastructure and grow their businesses with proven strategies for legendary success.

I’m ready for success!

#LiveLOVEdaily Relationship Breakthrough Coaching Program
A program specifically designed for those who want to improve their relationships with loved ones (whether dating, a husband and wife, friends, or family) so they can thrive in their professional lives without the stress that relationship conflicts can cause.

I’m Ready for Change!

Sparks of Support to help you #IGNITEyourLife and BREAKTHROUGH!


It takes teamwork to achieve your dreams in love, life and business. We never want anyone to feel that they have to try to make their dream a reality alone. When those times come, they are tough and those feelings create a smoke screen of fear which can take your eyes off of your vision for your life. That’s why we want you to know that no matter what time it is around the world, we are here for you. Yes, you can count on our consistent support with plenty of resources here at the #IGNITEyour Life with Toy Parker Breakthrough Institute to help you #IGNITEyourLife and Breakthrough life’s challenges as they come.

We provide daily empowerment and tools you can use for every area of your life. From informative and powerful business courses and how-to articles on critical business topics, to personal development courses and breakthrough articles that can upgrade your quality of life — we provide valuable resources that not only improve your revenue but your raise your spiritual, love and business IQs to help you achieve legendary success in life!

New materials are added all the time based on feedback from the founder’s clients, friends and members of our ever-growing Facebook community. As always shared on the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network, this is truly a #BlazingAmazing conversation that never ends! Now is the time for you to #IGNITEyourLife and #BREAKTHROUGH! We have so much more in store for you and  we are here to help you every step of the way!


Course/Program Offerings at the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker BREAKTHROUGH Institute

The course offerings and coaching programs here at the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Breakthrough Institute are diverse and range from time management, success over procrastination, health and wellness, relationship building, business development, financial, and parenting empowerment. You will have access to myself and other powerhouse experts from around the world from various industries who will be come a part of your “dream to reality” team! It’s time to shift the trajectory of your life one spark at a time! Enroll in your BREAKTHROUGH course/program today!

If you have areas of love, life or business you would like see added to our course curriculum or to our coaching program repitoire, feel free to send an email to courses@igniteyourlifebreakthroughinstitute with “course/program request” in the subject line.

For one-on-one coaching by our founder, click here to set up your appointment for a FREE 30-minute #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Breakthrough Session which goes straight to her calendar!

*Limit one per household.


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